Beauty Insurance Plus is a national insurance provider that supports beauty and wellness professionals—including cosmetologists, hair stylists, estheticians, and nails technicians—by offering an instant, affordable liability insurance solution.

$ 159/year 
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Enjoy the Benefits of Beauty Insurance Plus:

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance. $2 million per occurrence; $3 million individual annual aggregate
  • Product Liability Insurance $2 Million per occurrence; $2 Million individual annual aggregate
  • PLUS Rental Damage Insurance $100,000
  • PLUS Stolen Equipment Coverage $1,000
  • PLUS Identity Protection Plan
  • Plus The Best Benefits Around
    • Occurrence form coverage, the industry’s preferred choice
    • Speak with licensed insurance agents
    • Instant coverage and proof of insurance at checkout
    • All-inclusive coverage for more than 350 beauty and wellness modalities

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