mainSecret of Medusa’s mission is to provide licensed hair stylists with the highest quality, selection, services, and support that stylists can trust 



Our I-tips are created with a silicone-based glue, allowing each strand to act as a small cushion without the use of silicone-lined beads. The tips do not break and are reusable.






Created with perfect blend of Keratin glue, the unique “M” shape acts as a perfect indicator for application while providing the strength each bond needs




Created with a thin lace backing sealed with silicone, allowing for more hair density with no return hair  while staying flat and durable







Created with zero return hair, this double sealed weft allows for a flat durable finish while providing superior density








Our Flat Clip In uses the highest professional quality hair with no return hair providing the ultimate comfort with a sleek smooth finish. Each clip is designed with a non-slip silicone grip providing ultimate security and comport






Our Light Clip In uses the highest professional quality hair with no return hair. Created with two thin wefts, our clip-ins provides the ultimate comport while providing extra security with our non-slip clips.




We at Secret of Medusa and Hourly Stylist are proud to announce our newest partnership. We have decided to collaborate together in order to provide hair professionals everywhere with the resources to keep up with the latest techniques and find the highest quality products on the market.

Hourly Stylist is a cutting-edge service that allows individuals to book a chair by the hour in various salons. This is as easy as visiting our website or downloading our app in the App Store. We provide stylists with an efficient way to find and book clients across multiple locations that are convenient for both the stylist and client. Furthermore we are also committed to educating our clientele and helping them find and select the best quality extensions, colors, and tools available on the market.

To this end, we thought it was the perfect idea to team up with Secret of Medusa. Secret of Medusa a leading company that is committed to educating and supplying individuals and salons who have come to expect the most natural and longest-lasting products and exceptional customer service. We offer an entire line of hair extensions and products that are 100% human hair and completely free of any harsh chemicals and acids. In addition, we also offer professional courses that are perfect for stylists who are looking to polish their existing techniques or add new services to their repertoires. For these unique purposes, we are excited to partner with Hourly Stylist in order that we both will be better able to reach the greatest number of individuals and salons throughout the country and provide them with the best in hair extension products and services.